1. Our laundry ensures and certifies the treatment of clothing at more than 60 degrees, with disinfectant products.
  2. We do not carry out the cleaning of the room while the client is inside.
  3. We disinfect the hand gloves with Hydroalcoholic gel after each room has been completely finished, maybe ourselves ready for the next area.
  4. We use disposable wipes for each exit cleaning.
  5. We use disposable mops for floor cleaning
  6. Areas such as switches, door handles, faucets, remote controls, elevator buttons etc. are completely disinfected.
  7. Each bathroom and kitchen area contains Hydroalcoholic Gel
  8. After finishing each room an Ozona machine is placed. The microscopic molecules of oxygen and water in the air pass to the purification units of our system. The microscope molecules subsequently pass through the matrix of our team. While inside the matrix, the molecules transform intoPowerful oxidants. When the air is released again, the supercharged molecules quickly search for and eliminate bacteria, viruses, fungi and bad odours. While inside the matrix, the molecules transform into powerful oxidants. As the air comes out again, the supercharged molecules seek and they quickly remove batteries, viruses, fungus and bad odours.


A common feature of all our properties is that they give you the 5 * luxury that you know from the best hotels in the world. However, a private Villa with us is clearly preferable as it gives you so much more. Especially at a time like this, it is good to know that your stay is as safe as possible, from private transportation to the airport to your own chef, catering or the Villa’s personal cleaning, and a host of other exquisite home-related services.


why a vacation in a villa is better than a hotel.

1. Instead of paying for 3, 4 or 5 separate hotel rooms in high season, you can rent an entire villa and spread the cost.

2. As for the benefits, you have your own private pool, additional private recreational spaces, very important at the moment with the COVID-19

3. Think of massages in your private pool, private chefs, VIP SERVICE Chauffeur at your entire disposal.

4.Simply inform us of your wishes and Luxury Estates Marbella organises it for you.

5. Each of our villas has a private pool, Wi-Fi, Nespresso coffee machines, barbecue, TV, sheets, towels, cot and high chair, all at no additional cost. Each of our villas must meet a list of criteria to ensure they meet our (and your) expectations for your vacation.


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